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Visual Explorer          
Art has the power to inspire, provoke, and transform. We create immersive visual experiences that awaken your senses and transport you to breathtaking new dimensions. 

From mesmerizing 💡 light installations to awe-inspiring projection mapping, our repertoire of visual experiments knows no bounds. We blend cutting-edge technology with artistic finesse, turning everyday spaces into new canvases that come alive with vibrant colors, shapes, and patterns.

With generative graphics, every stroke, shape, and color takes on a life of its own. I use innovative algorithms and data-driven processes to create dynamic visual compositions that are ever-changing, responding to the environment, sound, or user input.

V.A.N.H @visualartistneedshelp
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On the roof, Tenerife. 2019

This audiovisual piece delves into the devastating wildfires that engulfed the Amazon rainforest in 2019. Its purpose was to shed light on the dire situation unfolding in my home country of Brazil, highlighting both the negligence of the government at the time and the distortion of reality surrounding the issue.

The artwork aimed to depict the degradation of the ecosystem, the plight of indigenous communities, and the detrimental impact of human intervention in nature. Sacred geometries gracefully floated as mesmerizing holographic projections, serving as the centerpiece of the entire show.

Lab Imaginário, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2019

In the inaugural edition of Lab Imaginário, Luciana Maia and Carlos S. Peña collaborated in a video art laboratory, working together to create an immersive audiovisual installation.

Their installation seamlessly blended the digital realm with tangible elements, resulting in a captivating experience that encompassed various landscapes and textures. Participants were invited to enter this world where the power of nature was reimagined, offering a unique and transformative encounter.

Her Festival, Tenerife. 2020


This mixtape created expressly for HER Feminist Festival, is a transversal journey towards the sounds of science fiction and the near future, where there is room for the pioneering experimenters of synths and soundtracks for film and television from the 50s-60s, passing by the Afrofuturist current, cyborgs, PC music and fluid genres. All the diversity of electronic music #allfemale. Alien Vibes!

The Meet with the gender[x] session was accompanied by visuals from V.A.N.H

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife. 2020


Javier Pérez, better known as Resonance, is one of the most prominent producers on the eletronic music scene in the Canary Islands. In this edition of Keroxen he exclusively presented unreleases material. With V.A.N.H as visualist, and Lucas Okapa Laser Show.



Academia Fachada Media, Zaragoza. 2022

Tension AV Show︎ 2023

"Tension" is an immersive audiovisual performance that captivates its audience for an hour. This thought-provoking piece revolves around the concept of tension, exploring its manifestations in the realms of physicality, socio-politics, and human existence. In the context of our physical and anatomical beings, tension arises from the exertion of physical or emotional effort, capable of elevating blood pressure in our arteries. We find ourselves in a global moment where the residue of the industrial and technological revolutions lingers within our cells. The very blood that courses through our veins and sustains our organisms is subordinate to the functioning of a political system that demands our sacrifice and compromises our well-being in exchange for comfort and monetary gains. "Tension" offers a critical reflection on the relentless pursuit of high productivity, degenerative consumerism, and the fast-paced nature of modern life.

Furthermore, within the socio-political context, our planet and its people have long suffered from conflicts, wars, migrations, and scarcities, all stemming from power struggles and the quest for supremacy. In an abstract manner, the performance confronts the harshness and animosity that exist between groups, whether based on nationality, race, or gender. Moreover, the rising tide of fake news and misinformation further degrades our society, pushing it backward instead of progressing.

On a human level, this performance invites introspection, urging us to explore the infinite complexities of our beings where dignity stands as a defining and sought-after attribute.

The captivating soundtrack of the show engulfs the audience in an immersive experience of intensity and tension. Carefully selected notes and chords weave together to create an atmosphere filled with anticipation and suspense. Fast-paced rhythms, unsettling melodies, and dramatic crescendos intertwine, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Each beat becomes an invitation to plunge into a world of tension, where the music evokes emotions and challenges the senses. This soundtrack takes you on a journey infused with suspense, leaving you yearning for more.

Complementing the auditory experience, the performance incorporates abstract and futuristic visuals such as particle attractions, strings, and pixel acceleration. These generative art forms present unique visuals characterized by speed and balance, further enhancing the overall experience.

contact: lumaia86@gmail.com
+34 664 894 406
Calle Candelaria, 5
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