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Branding identity for Lab Music Production.
A studio based in Madrid, wich also create stars.

    Branding, art direction          
    Madrid, Spain 2021



The pad was the mainly inspiration. This tool wich producers use day by day, had to be clear in our logo as it’s colours. LAB is a music laboratory, headed by Brenda Sayuri and Rubens Allan (Lola Indigo’s guitarrist).


The challenge’s briefing was to attempt a multicultural concept in their id. We created an illustration, mixing the Japanese and Brazilian Afro culture, as its shades, textures, colors and shapes. An abstract illustration was born, as the music: free. This concept is the main image of the identity of L_A_B.


contact: lumaia86@gmail.com
+34 664 894 406
Calle Candelaria, 5
Santa Cruz de Tenerife