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F360 @ ABF Expo 2023

In this project, the challenge was to maximize the use of a limited space and create an enticing booth that would capture the attention of fair attendees. Our solution was to harness the power of technology, by incorporating a sizable circular LED display as a distinctive centerpiece, seamlessly blending it with the booth's sinuous design. As a part of this endeavor, we crafted three captivating videos.
    Creative Direction
    Concept & Audiovisual content
    Agencia Smash!

The focal point was the central video, which drew inspiration from minimalistic typography and movements, strategically emphasizing the brand's message and values.

Within this context, the adoption of the circular LED display not only made efficient use of the available space but also delivered an immersive visual experience for fairgoers as they passed by.

We've also created videos for two distinct products, F360 Finanças and Painel, both dedicated to financial management. These products boast intelligent and automated features, all consolidated within a single platform.

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